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Legacy Forge & Millwork Doors was founded more than two decades ago by a brilliant artist, R Scott Jarvie (1932-2016). After creating a low relief artistic metal panel, Jarvie took his new form of art a show.  There, he was given the idea to put the artistic panels into doors and that’s just what he did.
A few years later, his son (Jay Jarvie) and daughter (Kristen Clark) got involved.  Together, the three of them created a door company in Southern Oregon.
Since 2000, Legacy Forge & Millwork Doors has been creating beautiful cast-metal art with R Scott Jarvie’s proprietary secret and embedding them in hand crafted exotic wood doors.

From stunning entryways to commissioned panels, we specialize in home decor art.  As Jarvie would often say, “No one else in the world makes doors like us”

Our motto remains “Your imagination, our craftsmanship, a grand impression.”


Legacy Forge & Millwork Doors Promo video

Newest video introducing Legacy Forge and Millwork Doors. It will be shown at the SCI convention in Vegas next week

Posted by Legacy Forge and Millwork Doors on Monday, January 23, 2017

Our Legacy

Some businesses begin with a plan for a product or service to be offered, but  other times the product itself creates such a demand that a business begins to fulfill it. This is how Legacy Forge and Millwork Doors began.

The Artist behind the Doors is R. Scott Jarvie.  Scott started his art career in the early 1940s with drawing, pastels and later oil painting. In 1947 he won his first Best Of Show award as a teenager.

After venturing for many years in the world of taxidermy and wildlife film production, Scott started sculpting wildlife and opened his own art foundry to produce his work.

In the 1990s, Scott sculptured his first of many low relief panels. Soon after this, members of the San Diego Polo Club saw his work and commissioned him to create a set of entry doors. With the success of this project, interest in panels and doors grew and Legacy Forge and Millwork Doors was off to a solid start.

The entire team here at Legacy Forge and Millwork Doors is committed to bringing you the finest in entry door systems and sculptured artwork. When you place an order or give us a call, we will work with you to help your idea become reality.

Legacy Forge

Kristen Clark


Owns and oversees all aspects of Legacy Forge & Millwork Doors. Most of all, she loves to work personally with each customer.

Jay Jarvie the sculptor

Jay Jarvie


Jay Jarvie is a gifted artist who as taken over as head sculptor for Legacy Forge & Millwork Doors​.​ He can create any scene you want.


Turtle Delorme

Shop Manager

A master craftsmen born in Oregon, he has been creating stunning entryways for Legacy Forge & Millowork doors since 2011.
“I view it as a privilege to make our Customer’s doors”

Paul McConnel the artist

Paul McConnell

Panel Creator

Our panel creator, apprenticed under R. Scott Jarvie for twelve years.
He is now the head creator of the low relief panels.