How it all began

Some businesses begin with a plan for a product or service to be offered. Other times the product itself creates such a demand that a business begins to fulfill it. This is how Legacy Forge and Millwork Doors began.  The artist behind the Doors is R. Scott Jarvie (1932-2016).  Scott started his art career in the early 1940s with drawing, pastels and later oil painting. In 1947 he won his first Best Of Show award as a teenager.  After venturing for many years in the world of taxidermy and wildlife film production, Scott started sculpting wildlife and opened his own art foundry to produce his work.

Jarvie paintings

About the Artist

In the 1990s, Scott sculptured his first of many low relief panels. Members of the San Diego Polo Club saw his work and commissioned him to create a set of entry doors. With the success of this project, interest in panels and doors grew.  Legacy Forge and Millwork Doors was off to a solid start.  In 2000, Jarvie moved to southern Oregon where his son Jay and daughter Kristen Clark got involved. The three of them created a company that specializes in making beautifully handcrafted doors that frame the artistic panels.  The entire team here at Legacy Forge and Millwork Doors is committed to bringing you the finest in entry door systems and sculptured artwork. When you place an order or give us a call, we will help make your idea a reality.