Artistic Metal Panels

We sculpt our artistic metal panels in clay, then cast them in zinc through our advanced proprietary process. Then we reinforce the panels with fiberglass to make them last.

Panels are available double-sided, or single-sided.  You can order them included with a door, or individually to be installed in existing doors, mounted in furniture, cabinets, or simply as wall hangings.

A 3/4″ foam core provides an effective thermal barrier to all our double-sided panels, insulating them from seasonal weather.

Most panels are 28″x 40″ at their largest and are cut to 25″x 39″ for a standard size door. Commissioned panels can be made as large as 4’x 10′.

Artistic Metal Finishes

Order your artistic metal panels in a variety of metal finishes; copper, bronze copper, blush copper, silver, nickel and gold.  We can polish any panel for a brighter or “bronzed” look.  This creates a more antiqued appearance for your metal panel. We seal all panels against weathering and oxidation.

illustration of different materials used in artistic metal panels

Home Decor

Home Decor Panels

The amazing artistic panels created by R. Scott Jarvie were first made as walling art.  Not long after their inception, the artistic panels’ main feature location became the entryways of hundreds of homes, trophy rooms, and lodges.

mirrored copper elk panels set in drawers

Copper Elk Panel (mirrored set) above stove

pine cone artistic pannel set in counter made from bronze and copper

Bronze and Copper Pine Cones

panel under counter

We are excited to announce that they’re making their way back inside!  Display artistic metal panels from Legacy Forge and Millwork Doors anywhere in your home: in bar fronts, stovetops, cabinets, kitchen island, and in so many other locations.

multi-plated gold panner panel set in bar counter

Multi-plated Gold Panner panel in a bar Counter

navajo dancers tri-color panel set in custom cabinet

Navajo Dancers (tri-color)

in custom cabinets

Feel free to let your personality shine through in your home decor.  Use your imagination and bring Legacy Forge and Millwork Doors artistic panels into your home.

bear and eagles panel (tri-color) set in counter home decore

Bear on Cliff and Eagles panels

(tri-color) on kitchen island